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Pre History

Ever since I first decided to take on The Big Hairy One as staff on a probationary period I have played with his keyboard. I saw his Fat Cat's Lair web site which had been around a few years and thought "One day this will all be mine".

One of The Hairy One's friends tried to move me off his lap where I was comfortable on day so I sunk the claws into his inner leg. He said "this kitten is psycho" and I liked the name but changed the spelling, hence my name.

When I had grown to Fat Cat's size and looked a lot like her the Big Hairy one decided to re-badge the site Cyco city because the Fat cat's lair was originally a private joke. After that the Cyco City updates began.

2003 Update:

Fat Cat has been given "The Flick" to a sub directory and is now kept for historical purposes. It's about time! Fat Cat can do body double for me instead now.

Even my baby brother, Bandit, has been given an area for "Bandit's Blunders", all those real life blunders that have been made by "wanna be" criminals and circulated on the internet.

June 2008 Update:

After spending a lot of my life between the Big Hairy One and his keyboard I have picked up a few web page skills of my own while demanding his attention.

This site evolved from Fat Cat's Site, a private joke, in 1998. I was born a year later and when I became rather big 18 months down the track the site or sections of it were re-badged to Cyco City. Then bits were added on or even removed when Java became a problem.

The bottom line was it was like a dodgy extensions on a house with ancient foundations (which really sucked). To make matters worse my site stretched all the "Big Hairy One's" 22" wide screen. It was everywhere like a mad dog's excrement.

A total re-write was had to be made from the ground up using templates, style sheets - the works. Further sections will be added when I look though 4 years funny emails for more inspiration and the purrfect editions.


Bandit has now been A.W.O.L. since 2002 (microchip and all) but as the criminals of this world keep doing stupid things there will no doubt be further editions to Bandits Blunders and it will continue to grow.

So far I have just added the Useless Facts page which is partly from Cyco's Wisdom with some new stuff. The Cyco's Wisdom page now has some new military wisdom as a replacement.


Now I'm writing the site I will be using some other people images and jokes etc that circulate the internet because they must be in the public domain in my opinion. I will give a credit to "unknown" until advised otherwise and I will credit the owner or remove any copyright material that you may wish to complain about.

Just Contact Me and don't get catty about a joke.


After bandit's vanishing act a new playmate arrived the following Christmas. Her name is Bubby and before a "grown up" name was selected she remained a small cat compared to me so the name stuck like crap to a blanket.

More of her soon when I go through all of the "Big Hairy One's" photos for the last four or five years.

Don't let that cute look fool you, she is a real terror.

July 2009 Update:

Enjoying bedtime with Bubby

I am proud to announce that I just bought the domain on the Big Hairy Ones credit card, he will be catatonic big time when he sees his statement.

I called him the Big Hairy One as retaliation for calling me the Big Furry One but it lost something
in the translation I suspect.

She who shall remain nameless has not darkened our doorstep for many weeks as a result work is progressing well.

I am getting heaps more lap time and bubby and I have full reign in the bedroom at all times. The Big Hairy One has had a few computers to fix with catastrophic hardware issues and I have insisted that he goes to Cat Computers because they are local, reliable and I like their name.

In the meantime I have been busy and there have been too many new pages that have been added to the site to name. Bubby Cat has her new Bubby's Braincells pages added, some were stolen from me but most are new.

I just love templates and there is now version 2.0 interface with 50% more CycoGlitz*.
So have a good look around there's lots of new stuff.

*CycoGlitz is advertising jargon and it means absolutely nothing but it sure sounds real good.

Late June 2008

This page was created from the front page because who wants to see any index page full of updates and a new web friendly web page was created. Bubby finally got her custom PHP coding correct for her Maths Quiz and uploaded the page.


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