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Welcome to Cyco City, a site for the cynical, sarcastic and catty amongst us. I'm Cyco the Cynical (pronounced Psycho), My site features jokes and funnies from my inbox, my human's inbox and some photos from his collection. Hopefully this can become a repository for cat humour so please Contact Me with your editions, comments or just to say "Meow".

If you don't like my site then there's something in my outbox that may be of interest.
That's the one full of kitty litter with a little brown surprise buried in it just for you.

The Site is in four main parts:


Cyco City
- This is the reason cats why cats look so smug. We observe it all and smile to ourselves at the crazy antics of humans.

Featuring my Mind Reading trick, cat humour and jokes along with some of my virtual friends who circulate on the internet.

If you claim copyright of any of the images of my virtual friends or jokes then contact me and I will give you credit or remove it.


Bubby's Brain Cells
- A bit of intellectual cat stuff from my little sister with an online Maths Test to check on your grey matter is still functioning.

She shares her pussy wisdom, knowledge of cat physics and has some fun with words. She even has her steps to wisdom exclusively for humans.

R.I.P The Grim Reaper called in her sleep.
Her wisdom lives on.


Bandits Blunders
- My long missing little brother Bandit's fascination with stupid antics of his namesakes while committing a crime.

As the criminals of this world keep doing stupid things there will no doubt be further editions to Bandits Blunders and it will continue to grow.

Fat Cat & Venus
- What is left of where is where it all began and it is now kept for historical purposes.

Old parts will be added when they are re-written and tested for modern browsers but you will need to have both java script enabled and Sun java installed and enabled when it happens.

I bought in July 2008 on the Big Hairy Ones credit card, he will be catatonic big time when he sees his statement. I called him the Big Hairy One as retaliation for calling me the Big Furry One but it lost something in the translation I suspect.

I have had various versions of this site or some of the material since 1999 over the net. It was originally called Fat Cats Lair and is still lurks on a few free web servers. Read all about the evolution of Cyco City on the History page.

For all pussies & owners I highly recomend Bateau Bay Vet if you are lucky enough to be on the Central Coast of NSW in Australia. Dr Hugh saved my butt (and rear hip ball joint) after I got tangled in a fence and I can move it and run like any cat.

So have a good look around there's lots of new stuff with 50% more CycoGlitz*.
*CycoGlitz is advertising jargon and it means absolutely nothing but it sure sounds real good.


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